Lingchei Letty Chen

Lingchei Letty Chen

​Associate Professor of Modern Chinese Language and Literature
Head of the Chinese Section
Affiliate Professor of Comparative Literature
PhD, Columbia University
research interests:
  • Identity politics
  • Memory and postmemory studies
  • Mimesis
  • Travel theory
  • Narratology
  • Postcolonialism
  • Postmodernism
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      CB 1111
      ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899
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    Lingchei Letty Chen's research interests include mnemonic writings of the Mao era. She teaches courses on modern Chinese literature.


      Courses Taught

      • L81 208 Freshman Seminar: The Chinese America Experience
      • L04 330 Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture: Chinese Fin-de-Siecle in Film and Literature
      • L04 342 Literature of Modern and Contemporary China
      • L16 375 Topics in Comparative Literature I: The Trope of 'China' in the Imagination of the Chinese Diaspora
      • L04 479 Reading Seminar in Modern Chinese Literature: Envisioning a New China: The May Fourth Era (1919-1949)
      • L04 479 Reading Seminar in Modern Chinese Literature: After the May Fourth Era (1950-Present)
      • L04 489 Topics in Modern Chinese Literature: History, Memory, and Identity
      • L04 4891 Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture: The Chinese City in the Global Context
      • L04 560 Seminar in the Literature of China: Violence, Feminity & Fictional Writing in 20th Century China

      Selected Publications