Tori Sgarro

Major: Comparative Literature with Minors in Chinese Language and Culture and Communication Design

Year of Graduation: 2015

Favorite courses at WashU:

  • Topics in Modern Arabic Literature in Translation: The Syrian Revolution: Literature, Art, Ideology (Professor Anne-Marie McManus)
  • Interdisciplinary Topics in the Humanities: Historical Fiction (Professor Miriam Bailin)
  • World-wide Translation: Language, Culture, Technology (Professor Ignacio Infante)
  • Fiction Writing (Professor Danielle Dutton)

Why did you major in Comp Lit?

I was torn between choosing English and International and Area Studies as my major, when I came across Comparative Literature at WashU’s major fair. I thought it offered the best of both worlds.

What are you currently doing professionally?

I’m a user experience designer. I’m about to start working at First Look Media in New York City.

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