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Seminar: Feminist Modernist Studies

Comparative Literature 5241 - Spring 2020

Over a decade ago, Jane Garrity reflected that the "gynocritical" work of feminist recovery seemed "no longer hip" within modernist studies, especially in comparison to the recent temporal and geographical expansions of the field. And in her introduction to a special issue of MFS devoted to "Women's Fiction, New Modernist Studies, and Feminism," Anne E. Fernald describes the field as one in which "work on women writers abounds but definitions of modernist studies consistently neglect or underserve women." The concerns of this course are twofold: first, we will read an alternate canon of modern and modernist women writers, thereby taking up Fernald's challenge to "read without first measuring every writer against the landmarks we already know." Second, we will investigate the place of feminist and queer recovery work within contemporary modernist studies. Can we move beyond the politics of recovery without denigrating its value? During this seminar, each participant will (a) develop an undergraduate-level syllabus in the field, (b) write and revise an abstract for a future conference paper and/or panel, and (c) draft and workshop a possible future submission to ''Feminist Modernist Studies'' or another suitable journal. Prior coursework in modernist studies is not necessary to enroll in this course; graduate students working in other fields and disciplines are welcome.
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