Di Wang

PhD student in Comparative Literature
Lynne Cooper Harvey Fellow in American Culture Studies
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    Di’s dissertation investigates the global history of satirical literature and how satire operates in disparate political regimes and during paradigm shifts.

    Her writing has previously appeared on Al Jazeera news network. In “What China's Middle Class Learned from Ferguson” (2014) Di argues that the problem of solidarity applies not only to the US but also to socialist-capitalist Beijing. In another article “The Coming of Age of Chinese Feminism” (2015) she highlights the biggest challenge that female activists face in China today is how to navigate a landscape of economic growth without substantial political reform.

    Her co-authored sociology chapter "China's State Feminism in Context: The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) From Inception to Current Challenges" is forthcoming in the Routledge anthology entitled Women of Asia: Globalization, Development, and Gender Equity (2018).

    In her free time, Di dabbles in landscape design. Her co-designed garden “Levant” won the Prix du Design at the Festival International des Jardins 2017 hosted by Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, France.