Congrats, Comparative Literature Class of 2021!

Meet our incredibly talented seniors! We’re so proud of all of your hard work and accomplishments.

Alisha Duvall is a Comparative Arts major (Minor: Design) from Little Rock, Arkansas. 
Favorite Memory: Taking a field trip to the Fabulous Fox Theatre to see The Color Purple. We compared the live production to the book and film versions! 
Favorite book I studied: Either a graphic novel called Tonta by Jaime Hernandez or Normal People by Salley Rooney. 

Isabelle Gillman is a Comparative Arts major (Minor: Music) from Chicago, Illinois.
Favorite memory: Freshman year, when I took a freshman seminar called "Transmediation" with Professor Cuillé. We went to Chicago for a weekend and saw the opera "Walpurgis Night" at the Lyric Opera in Chicago and it was incredible!
Favorite Book I studied: The Body Artist by Don DeLillo. It was assigned in my World Literature class with Professor Infante!
Post-Graduation Plans: Starting in June 2021, I will be a Marketing Programs Associate at Industry Dive, a business journalism company based in Washington, D.C.

Elena Steiert is a Comparative Literature major (Second major: Classics) from Portland, Oregon. She is also the winner of the Emma Kafalenos Award for her senior thesis.
Favorite memory: I took World Literature my freshman fall, and I knew right away that I wanted to take more comp lit courses. The class introduced me to a much broader range of books than I'd gotten to study before, and I discovered that I really enjoy drawing the kinds of unexpected connections that comparative projects make possible.
Favorite book I studied: Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie.

Evan Piña-White is a Comparative Literature minor (Major: Biology with a focus in Biochemistry) from Eureka, Missouri.
Favorite memory: Visiting the Art Institute of Chicago as a class is my single best memory, but I’ll always be fond of the late nights spent typing away on my laptop, working on papers.
Favorite book I studied: Though it was one of the first works I encountered, studying Goethe’s Faust in my first year is what tipped the scales and pushed me to pursue Comparative Literature further and eventually declare a minor.
Post-Graduation Plans: Taking a gap year to apply to medical school.

Kiva Runnels is a Comparative Literature major (Second major: French) from Camarillo, California.
Favorite memory: It's tough to pick just one, so for me it's a tie between a class trip to Chicago to see the Faust opera with Professor Cuillé and my freshman seminar Transmediation class and the end-of-semester gathering at for Dr. Williams' Magic and Fantasy class sophomore year. I made some wonderful friends in those moments!
Favorite Book I studied: The Body Artist by Don Delillo is now one of my absolute favorite books, which I read for the first time in Modern Texts and Contexts with Professor Infante.
Post-Graduation plans: Do TAPIF to teach English abroad in France or work in publishing/media before applying to graduate school.