Professor Bob Hegel Publishes Book of 17th-Century Chinese texts

Hegel collaborated with Chinese/Comparative Literature graduate students and Ph.D. alums to complete the translations.

The University of Washington Press is publishing Bob Hegel's translation and edition of Idle Talk under the Bean Arbor, written by 17th-century Chinese author Alina the Layman.  The short stories were additionally translated by several alums of the Ph.D. program in Chinese and Comparative Literature, including Qiancheng Li, Mei Chun, Fang-yu Li, Jing Zhang, and Yunjing Xu; by current Ph.D. student in Comparative Literature Annelise Finegan Wasmoen; and by Ph.D. alum (Chinese/Comp Lit) and current postdoctoral fellow in EALC Alexander Wille.