Graduate Policy for Independent Studies

Students are advised to use the independent study option only when curricular demands make it impossible for them to extend their academic preparation through courses scheduled at the University. The DGS of Comparative Literature and the Comparative Literature Curriculum Committee will decline to support proposals for independent studies that replicate material normally available in courses offered through departments and programs.

Students may take only one independent study as part of their fulfillment of degree requirements. Note that Assistant Professors are not eligible to direct independent studies and all senior faculty are free to decline requests to direct independent studies.

Students must develop a proposal of study, approved by a faculty director, for submission to the DGS of Comparative Literature by Aug. 1 for the fall term and Dec. 1 for the spring term. Signed proposals will be reviewed by DGS of Comparative Literature and the Comparative Literature Curriculum Committee.

The student's proposal must include a detailed description of the project, and also a plan of readings for the course, including lists of primary and secondary works, that is commensurate with a standard 14-week semester in both breadth and depth.

The independent study must include a sizable literature component (that is, it should concern either literature exclusively, or literature and art, literature and drama, literature and film, literature and music, etc.)

The student is expected to meet with the faculty director of the independent study for discussion of the material at least twice per month during the semester.

The student is expected to complete the equivalent of a normal seminar paper (approximately 25 pages) by the end of the term.