Graduate Funding

The Committee on Comparative Literature provides students admitted into the program with full financial support for a minimum of five years as long as the student remains in good academic standing. Funding includes full tuition remission and a generous stipend ($25,696 in 2018-2019, over 11 months). 

When students apply for the Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, they are automatically considered for full financial support. In most cases, the Committee on Comparative Literature provides students admitted into the Ph.D. program with a University Fellowship for the first academic year as well as full tuition remission for two semesters ($52,400 in 2018-19, for 12 units= 4 courses per semester). Our admission package also includes a health fee subsidy.

Washington University also offers two competitive fellowships with year-round funding for outstanding students in select target groups, and both require separate applications. Those who are eligible may apply for an Olin Fellowship for Women in Graduate Study, or a Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship for students bringing a strong sense of diversity to the university.  The Olin Awards carry an annual stipend ($32,160 in 2018-19, for 12 months) as well as an additional education allowance in addition to full remission of tuition and are renewable for the duration of the degree program up to a maximum of four years. Chancellor's Graduate Fellowships are for five years, carry full tuition remission and an annual stipend ($32,160 in 2018-19, for 12 months) as well as an additional education allowance. Additionally, international students at partner universities may apply to the McDonnell International Scholars Academy.

After the first year, students continue to be supported by university fellowships.  They may engage in mentored teaching experiences starting in their second year of study. While still completing coursework, students are normally expected to take 9 units (3 courses) per semester. During these years, graduate students can expect the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to cover tuition and fees (including the health fee subsidy as described above). Support of any kind is contingent on the student making good progress toward the completion of his/her Ph.D.  Students in good standing may apply for summer funding.

Students who enter the Comparative Literature program normally receive a total of 5 years of fully funded support, provided they remain in good academic standing and demonstrate progress toward completing their degree. A 6th year is possible if the student’s work warrants it. 

All Graduate Students are eligible to apply for additional funding for conference participation and study abroad. A dissertation travel fund is available from the Graduate School for students working on their dissertations.  Our funding package is competitive with those of other top-ranked institutions, and we are committed to ensuring that financial considerations play no role in student decisions about where to pursue their degrees.

For a list of additional sources of funding for graduate students from within Washington University as well as outside sources, click here.  For a list of specified funding resources for foreign language learning, click here.