Graduate Certificate Programs

Housed in Comparative Literature

Translation Studies

The Certificate in Translation Studies adds an attractive dimension to Comparative Literature PhD degrees and to all foreign language and English PhD degrees. Translation is a fascinating and challenging field of study for both graduate and undergraduate students, as our well-subscribed offerings have shown. Growing in theoretical, methodological, and cultural sophistication, translation studies is emerging as a significant and useful aspect of Comparative Literature and of the humanities in general. Thus it follows that the Certificate represents an important supplement to the training of our students as they enter the job market.

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Early Modern Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Early Modern Studies enables students to develop interdisciplinary and transnational expertise outside of their home department: expertise that can generate innovative work at the dissertation level and beyond. Through courses, reading groups, summer seminars, conferences, and teaching opportunities, certificate students will come into a wider intellectual community of early modern faculty and graduate students from several departments. Students who satisfy certificate requirements will enter the Graduate Certificate in Early Modern Studies along with a PhD in their home department.

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Around Campus

Graduate Certificate in American Cultural Studies

The Graduate Certificate in American Culture Studies allows doctoral students to develop multidisciplinary expertise beyond their home department. It also encourages students to bring that added competence to bear in original, multidisciplinary dissertation research that satisfies the demands of the principal specialty while also charting creative new paths in broad-based scholarship.


Data Sciences in the Humanities

In response to increasing graduate student involvement in computational approaches to the humanities, IPH and the Humanities Digital Workshop now offer a graduate certificate in Data Science in the Humanities. All PhD students are welcome to pursue this certificate, which features appreciable cross-disciplinary engagements


Film and Media Studies

The Program in Film & Media Studies offers a Graduate Certificate for which it is now accepting applications.  This program is designed to provide PhD students with interests in the theories and history of “visual culture” an opportunity to extend their formal intellectual training into one of the 20th and 21st century’s most influential artistic and cultural arenas.  

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Language Instruction

The Graduate Certificate in Language Instruction is an interdisciplinary certificate related to the fields of applied linguistics, second language acquisition, psychology, neuroscience, and other disciplines that has important implications for the way we teach foreign languages. Study within these different fields provides a fascinating examination of the way that second languages (L2) are learned and how second language is generated by learners. An understanding of second language acquisition processes both enriches our knowledge of how the mind works and serves to better inform the ways that foreign language teachers design and implement curricular approaches for different levels and skills.

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Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

This graduate certificate program allows students in MA/PhD programs to enhance their disciplinary studies with a concentration in gender studies.

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