International Writers Series: Katja Perat

Katja Perat, PhD student in comparative literature and member of the International Writers Track, will present her new novel "The Masochist" (translated from the Slovenian by Michael Biggins) in a virtual reading and discussion with Lynne Tatlock, Director of the Program in Comparative Literature. Perat's novel is a serio-comical fictional romp through the Habsburg Empire of the fin de siècle, beginning in 1874 Lemberg (present day Lviv/Lvov in Ukraine), continuing to Vienna, and ending in the Habsburg Adriatic seaport of Trieste in 1912. Along the way, the protagonist, Nadezhda Moser, the daughter of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (notorious author of Venus in Furs), encounters luminaries of the Empire's cultural elite. Pre-registration is required.